Four-Wheel Slate Or Slab Waggons Modified As Mobile Power Units

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In the early revival period from the late 1950s onwards the FR acquired several air compressors and electrical generators, to allow the use of power tools on track renovation and other works up the line. The Company could not afford new plant so these were invariably elderly machines, either donated or acquired at scrap prices, and mounted on slate or slab wagon frames. In addition to the wagon numbers compressors were identified as A1 - A3 and generators as E1 - E6 but exact totals are not known. Most if not all of these old machines have long since departed to the great plant yard in the sky.

Wagon 144[edit]

MPU A3 Gardner Broom Wade compressor mounted on long slab wagon at Boston Lodge

Wagon 147[edit]

147 MPU E6 Mobile generator, mounted on long slab waggon, Minffordd Yard

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