The Cherry Picker

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In Feb 2003, after receiving approval to proceed, S & T department started to design and build for the FR a rail mounted-cherry picker MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform). The Cherry Picker was originally manufactured by Egon Spencer and was a self-contained, skid-mounted unit bolted onto an old Bedford CF Van. Originally used by the Blaenau Ffestiniog cable TV scheme, it was rescued from a scrap yard in the old Groby granite quarry near Blaenau. John Maxey (former S&T Technician) spotted it being driven in to the yard, realised its potential and quickly arranged with Martin Duncan (S&T Manager) to buy it for cash. The cost was a little over £400.

Boston Lodge built the well-wagon onto which the skid was mounted. The wagon was constructed using a couple of spare Hudson bogies, one of which had a hand brake. The rest of the vehicle was built by the S&T. The original van was cut away, and the parts transplanted into a standard generator housing.

Following months of work and regular working parties, the vehicle obtained Type Approval in Nov 2004 and began trials and staff training. On 30 Nov 04 the Cherry Picker was used for the first time when a fault in the overhead route between Tanygrisiau and Glan y Pwll had to be fixed.

The Cherry Picker carries the number 70.

The Cherry Picker at Glan y Pwll shortly after entering service

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