NWNGR 3-plank open wagons

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In 1877 Gloucester Wagon Co Ltd provided the NWNGR with a number of 3-plank open wagons with drop sides of a size suitable for about 3 tons. It is not known how many were built and they are not evident in the published pictures taken in WHR days. See iBase 111 for a works photo. One may be seen derelict and off the track at 'Snowdon' station in a picture believed to date from 1897-1901.[1] Apart from heavy wear and tear it had not been significantly altered from new.

There were some larger three-plank opens in WHR days which had drop doors on one side only. They may have carried about 4 tons. In 1972 Boyd believed these to be tipping wagons but by 1989 he does not mention this hypothesis. [2]. Sample numbers 123, 124.

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