Torpedo Waggon

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This waggon was used in 1977 to transport ready-mix concrete from Llyn Ystradau to the New Moelwyn Tunnel to form the in-situ cast concrete portals and for the shotcreting of the tunnel roof and sides. It was on hire from Thyssen's of Llanelli. More concrete was required in 1978 to complete the work, but the torpedo waggon had by then been returned to its owners; it was therefore replaced by a bogie flat waggon with a second hand ready-mix body from a road vehicle, created by Andy Putnam, and known as the Readymix Wagon.

The torpedo waggon had a compressed air drive that could rotate it in two directions - one to re-mix the concrete and the other to pour the concrete from the end - once a compressed air hose was attached. The round handle on the end of the waggon in the photo below was part of the mechanism for opening/closing the end door through which concrete was loaded and poured. When loaded the total weight was sixteen tonnes.[1] When working on the New Moelwyn Tunnel the waggon was generally propelled down the grade by the Simplex Jane.


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