Flat wagon with crane

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Wagon 291.

291 at Minffordd Yard 2013

This very useful unit was built by the S&T Dept in 2007-9. The hydraulic crane unit was bought new and is of a type intended for use on farm tractors. It has been mounted with its power unit (a diesel engine from an old tree-chipper with a new pump and tank) on a frame which is attached to the wagon in such a way that it can if required be removed - on test this was achieved in five minutes, and put back in a further ten. There are also hydraulic stabilizing legs at the crane end which are part of the detachable assembly. The wagon is a long version of the MoD type, and apart from the fixing points has been modified by addition of ballast in the form of pieces of scrap rail below the decking for additional stability. The wagon is piped for vacuum brake.


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