Waggon List 601 - 700

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This page lists wagons used on the Ffestiniog Railway. More details and photos can be found on individual pages.

These lists include wagons used on the modern Welsh Highland Railway. Since the completion of the WHR rebuilding by the Festiniog Railway Company there is now little distinction between "FR wagons" and "WHR wagons" and in particular those wagons acquired during the WHR construction phase can now be seen over the entire F&WHR network, except 2003 and 3172 which are barred from the FR main line due to the loading gauge. Also non-vacuum-piped or fitted wagons are not normally permitted on the WHR except 5001 and that only if its side-chains are coupled to the tamper.

Sometimes in the company's pre-preservation history the spelling waggon (with two gs) instead of wagon, was used in some documentation. Whilst both spellings are used in this wiki, most other sources use the single-g spelling of wagon when referring to FR vehicles.

This list is compiled from several sources. These include:

This information is supplemented by sightings of individual wagons and reports in FRM and elsewhere..

Condition/location/existence of wagons may have changed since issue of this. Contributors to this Wiki should amend this list with later information or with later dated photographs.


  • H = Historic number restored, or seen in a pre-1967 picture - may duplicate number of another wagon
  • N = number not now carried, due to renumbering or disposal of the wagon
  • B = fitted with handbrake
  • V = fitted with vacuum brake (or through-piped) for use in passenger trains
Waggon List 601 - 700
No Type Photographer Date Note or Comment Date and Source of Note or Comment
602HB 4-wheel 2-Ton slate KCB 30-May-2005 Spine (double-head rail) renewed 2012, also new couplings. Brakegear refurbished 2021 FRM 219, FRHG Facebook 24-9-21
618HB 4-wheel 2-Ton slate Kim Winter 15-Oct-05 See 2-ton Slate Waggons (Braked - Un-Ratcheted) for any notes or comments
639 H 4-wheel 2-Ton slate Kim Winter 01-May-04 .
642HB 4-wheel 2-Ton slate Kim Winter 15-Oct-05 .
659 H 4-wheel 2-Ton slate Kim Winter 15-Oct-05 -
681 H 4-wheel 2-Ton slate . . In use at Vintage Weekend 2017
697 H 4-wheel 2-Ton slate Kim Winter 11-Jan-04 -