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Used for steam locomotive fuel oil between Minffordd, Boston Lodge and Harbour Station. Originally mounted on steel WD bogie wagon chassis with wooden floor (see Bogie Coal Wagons).


WD D type Bogie wagon, ex Smiths Potato Estates, Nocton, Lincs. No. 35, acquired 1960, fitted with 1,750 gallon riveted cylindrical oil tank, later rebuilt FR Co. Boston Lodge, using welded underframe from former road trailer and WD bogies and fittings. Braked.

Tank cut up and chassis scrapped Feb / March 2012. WD bogies remain, but in poor condition.

Source: FR Chronology


Bogie wagon, built FR Co. Boston Lodge, 1988 using welded underframe from former road trailer and ex Polish State Railway (PKP) plate frame bogies surmounted with 1,800 gallon welded oil tank. Source: FR Chronology

Following several years of storage at Boston Lodge, wagon 62 finally met its fate on 18th November 2014. The bogies were removed for reuse, as was the end handrail which is believed to have some heritage value. The rest of the wagon was then taken away by road for external scrapping.

In process of being taken back to Minffordd Yard


2000 gal elliptical tank, originally fitted to flat wagon 64, ex Hudson Toastrack. Later a new underframe was built at Boston Lodge in order to release the WD type underframe for the WHR Ltd Carriage 42.

Boston Lodge 2005. Needs brakes fitting.

In 2013 this wagon was rebuilt as a water tank for fire-fighting, with SAR cast-steel bogies and vacuum brake.

64 as rebuilt 2013


Bogie wagon, built FR Co. Boston Lodge, 1973 using welded underframe and ex Polish State Railway (PKP) plate frame bogies surmounted with 2,000 gallon oval oil tank. Now surplus to requirements of the operating railway, wagon 66 has been "preserved" as the last remaining FR oil tanker. It is currently stored at Glan-y-Pwll.

At Minffordd Yard

Braked Source: FR Chronology


Handbraked, 1000 gal + 300 gal Gas oil tank waggon on WD underframe. Tanks removed in 1999. Ownership transferred to the Moseley Railway Trust Museum collection, and now restored as a WD wagon and runs at Apedale. This is one of the four WD type D open wagons acquired by the East Anglian Group of the FRS in 1969 from Leighton Buzzard. They had been bought by Joseph Arnold & Sons for use on the Leighton Buzzard Lt Railway, which had no wagons of its own, all being owned by the quarry firms. They were supplied to Arnolds in 1923 by the Gloucester Carriage and Wagon Co.

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