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Every month an article is featured on the Main Page. When this feature was introduced the intention was to use it to encourage contributors to bring pages up to encyclopedia standard. For about a year Adrian Gray and Peter Harrison worked to bring a number of articles up to the required quality. This resulted in eleven articles becoming featured. These articles have rotated through the Main Page for a number of years.

Contributors can use this page to nominate articles that they believe are ready for featured status. The criteria in Festipedia broadly follow those of Wikipedia but with greater flexibility. In broad terms, an article needs to be:

  • Well written
  • Comprehensive
  • Well researched
  • Neutral
  • Stable

It should also follow Festipedia's style guidelines which are similar to Wikipedia's. An article should:

  • Have a lead section that summarises the topic
  • Be structured appropriately
  • Use consistent citations
  • Have images and other media where appropriate
  • Stay focussed on the main topic without going into unnecessary detail

Please add any nominations to the appropriate section below. When an article is confirmed as featured the code {{featured article}} should be added to the article.

If a featured article no longer meets the criteria it should be added to the "Featured articles needing review" section below. The article should also have appropriate review templates added indicating the improvements needed. The article can then be improved or removed from featured status.

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