Four-Wheel Side Tipping Waggon Converted From 3-Ton Slate Waggon

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Wagon 160[edit]

Minffordd Yard, Jan 2007

Traveller's Guide (Blue Cover) = Ffestiniog Railway Traveller's Guide with Blue Cover - Section 4 Wagons Pages 35 & 36 - Stock List as at 01-Apr-92 states:

"Side-tipping wagon, converted pre-1954 from a 3-ton slate wagon." (161 has the same description and is noted on Page 9 of FR Heritage Journal no 105 Spring 2011 'is currently stored off- rail in Minffordd Yard))

Wagon 848[edit]

Minffordd Yard, Jan 2004

This second photo is, in fact the opposite side of the first one. Its original number was 848, but in the general renumbering it became 160, with the two different numbers appearing on either side.

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