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This page lists wagons used on the Ffestiniog Railway. More details and photos can be found on individual pages.

This page (and the numeric lists) include wagons used on the modern Welsh Highland Railway. Since the completion of the WHR rebuilding by the Festiniog Railway Company there is now little distinction between "FR wagons" and "WHR wagons" and in particular those wagons acquired during the WHR construction phase can now be seen over the entire F&WHR network.

At some points in the company's pre-preservation history, the spelling waggon (with two gs) instead of wagon, was used in some documentation. Whilst both spellings are used in this wiki, most other sources use wagon spelling when referring to FR vehicles.

Historic FR Wagons: Pre-1946[edit]

Historic wagons acquired from elsewhere[edit]

"Modern" wagons acquired post 1954[edit]

Other Wagons[edit]

Numeric Lists[edit]

An easy way to navigate these is to use the bar below, which also appears on each block page. Please note this only appears on the desktop site, so if using a mobile device, click “desktop” at the bottom of the page. Note that these lists include sightings of wagons in all periods,but are not comprehensive lists of the stock at any one time. For details of the numbering policy, and the renumberings at reopening, in 1967 and 1996 onward, see Renumbering.

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