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Emma basking in the sun showing off her new livery at Gelert's Farm in late May 2024
Home Railway WHHR
Original Railway Jubilee line construction
Status In service
Built by Hunslet Barclay, Leeds
Built 1994
Wheel Arrangement 4wDH
Fuel Diesel

Emma was one of the six 11 ton tunneling locomotives built in 1994 for Balfour Beatty ltd (who also built the bypass bridge) to work on the London Underground Jubilee line extension project. These locomotives were the last constructed at the Hunslet Engine company's works in Leeds (who built Russell). The WHHR Has another one of these locomotives called Kathy, whitch is being rebuilt to make it more suitable for hauling passenger journeys. Emma and Kathy arrived at Porthmadog in 2003. However in 2006 Emma was hired to work on the lower Lea Valley cable tunnel contract in Stratford, London. This involved the construction of two tunnels of about 6km in length so that overhead high-voltage cables could be put underground. This work was part of preparations for the London Olympics. Emma returned to Porthmadog in 2008 and now runs some passenger services.

Her Sister Engines are as follows:

Emma and Kathy[edit]

These locomotives are ex-tunnelling locos manufactured by Hunslet Barclay, Leeds. They have four wheels, are five metres (just over 16 feet) long and weigh in at twelve tons. Built for the mining industry, the locomotives are typical of compact low-speed high tractive effort narrow gauge diesels.

The Deutz air cooled engine is of the 912W type widely used underground, and throughout the construction and marine industries. It is a six cylinder in-line engine designed for high torque at low speed, rated at 63kW (84 hp), maximum revolutions about 2500 rpm.

The two locomotives were named Kathy and Emma by their previous owners. Kathy was the penultimate locomotive built at Jack Lane, Hunslet, Leeds. They last worked on the Jubilee Line Extension project, London, operated by a consortium of Balfour Beatty and Amec, although owned by Hunslet Barclay. When the extension project finished, they were sold along with several other similar locos.

Emma has been commissioned with air brakes, couplings and a basic cab to compliment Glaslyn on passenger duties.

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