Locomotives used on the original WHR or its constituents

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Construction periods[edit]


It has been suggested that a small 0-4-0VBT was used on the construction of the NWNGR in the period from 1873. In addition, a Festiniog Railway locomotive was hired by the contractor. Palmerston was sent to Llanwnda (Dinas) in May 1876. By September the record shows that a man had to be sent from Boston Lodge to repair 'her'. The list of materials was "a set of brasses, set of brake blocks, 6 piston rings & 4 split pins". Palmerston returned to the FR in July 1877.


Construction work on the PB&SSR was carried out by A Krauss & Son of Bristol in the period 1904-6. They used a Bagnall 0-4-0ST named Progress (Builder's number 1731 of 1903). It was advertised for sale by Krauss in May 1906. During this period some electric locomotives were ordered and never delivered. Details of these can be found here


Contractors Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Ltd used a number of locomotives from March 1922 to May 1923 for rebuilding the former NWNGR main line and the remaining unfinished part of the WHR. Included was a Bagnall 0-4-0ST (Builder's number 2080 of 1918) McAlpine's Plant No. 01884. McAlpine also owned many Motor Rail "Simplex" 20hp 4wPM locomotives and the following are known to have been used on WHR construction because delivery details survive. It is likely that other similar locomotives were used at the Dinas end of the line.

Planet No Motor Rail Date Delivery
1646 2179 1922 Dinas June 1922
1447 2192 1922 Porthmadog September 1922
1637 2193 1922 Porthmadog October 1922
1667 or 1677 2197 1923 Porthmadog January 1923
1666 2199 1923 Porthmadog March 1923

It is also known that the FR Co. Palmerston was also hired for use on the southern section in May-June 1923.

Operational periods[edit]

The following locomotives were used on the operational NWNGR and WHR.

Additionally, many FR Co. locomotives were used operationally. Only partial details have survived, but they included Palmerston, Princess, Prince, Little Giant, Welsh Pony, James Spooner, Livingston Thompson, Merddin Emrys, The Simplex, Moelwyn and the Austro-Daimler. Further details, where known, will be found on the individual pages.

Other visiting locomotives on the original WHR and its constituents[edit]

Closure and demolition period[edit]

The Dinas Junction to Pitt's Head and Hafod Ruffydd to Croesor Junction sections were dismantled by George Cohen, Sons & Co Ltd between August 1941 and June 1942. Two or more 4w internal combustion locomotives were used, probably rebuilt ex-World War I 40hp "Simplex" locomotives marketed under the "Planet" name by FC Hibberd & Co Ltd. One of these is seen here on the demolition train in the Aberglaslyn Pass.

The Croesor Junction to Portmadoc section was dismantled by WO Williams of Harlech between August 1948 and August 1949. A unidentified 20hp 4wPM Motor Rail "Simplex", No.14, obtained from a Scottish contractor, was used for this task and was then abandoned near the former crossing with the standard gauge line in Porthmadog. It was scrapped on site in 1955.

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