Moel y Gest

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Moel y Gest
2005, after repaint and naming.
Home Railway FR
Original Railway RNAD Dean Hill
Status In service
Built by Hunslet Engine Co.
Built 1965
2004 Arrived on FR
2005 Named
Wheel Arrangement 4wDH
Length 15 ft 6 in
Fuel Diesel

Moel y Gest is a 4 wheeeled, 60hp 4wDH locomotive built by the Hunslet Engine Company (Builder's number 6659 of 1965), weighing 8.5 tons and fitted with a Gardner 4LW engine. It arrived at the railway in June 2004, having been regauged from 2 ft 6 in by Alan Keef Ltd of Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. It was delivered new to the Royal Naval Armament Depot at Dean Hill in Wiltshire. With a top speed of 7mph, it was commissioned as a very useful workshops shunter but is unlikely to see much use outside the confines of Boston Lodge.

Originally (and unofficially) at Boston Lodge the shunter was known as Castle Aarghhh as a reference to the fictional castle appearing in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The locomotive was renamed Moel y Gest in August 2005 following a repaint undertaken by young volunteers participating in that year's Kids Week under the supervision of Stephen Paul.[1] Despite the official naming, the locomotive is still universally referred to as the Aarghhh.

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