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In Dinas bay platfrom, 2009. Photo: Herbert Ortner.
Type NG15
Home Railway WHR
Original Railway SAR
Number 133
Status Awaiting Overhaul
Built by Société Anglo-Franco-Belge
Built 1952
Wheel Arrangement 2-8-2

133 is an NG15 Locomotive awaiting rebuild for use on the Welsh Highland Railway

History in South Africa[edit]

133 was built by Société Anglo-Franco-Belge for South African Railways (SAR) to their NG15 class 2-8-2 design. 133 is from the third batch of NG15s built in 1952. It carries builder's number 2683.

133 was delivered to Walvis Bay and commissioned onto the Otavi Railway. The Otavi Railway was regauged to cape gauge in 1960 and 133, along with the other NG15s was transferred to Port Elizabeth to work the Avontuur Branch. 133 was withdrawn from service in 1986 due to the declining amount of work for steam locomotives.

Preservation in the UK[edit]

133 arrived in the UK at the same time as 134 and was initially brought over from South Africa for a railway at Robin Hood's Bay in Yorkshire but this fell through and the locomotives were purchased for the Welsh Highland Railway's future motive power in 1998. Subsequently two NGG16s (87 and 130) imported for the same project made their way to the WHR.

To the WHR[edit]

After its arrival in Wales 133 was cosmetically restored and was displayed in the bay platform at Dinas for nearly 10 years. The locomotive was displayed in Caernarfon in 2009 as part of the effort to raise money for sister loco 134.

Eventually the weather had taken its toll and the boiler cladding was stripped to prevent further deterioration. The tender body was scrapped and the frames used to hold the body for 134's new tender while its own frames are restored. The locomotive remains in the open at Dinas.

In January 2019 133 was dragged from its long term resting place at the end of Dinas headshunt to allow its boiler condition to be assessed.[1] In February 2019 the boiler was stripped of the surface rust and coated in wax oil to prevent further deterioration.

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