Moel yr Hydd

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Moel yr Hydd
At the Beeches Light Railway
Home Railway F&WHR
Original Railway Jubilee line construction
Status In service
Built by Hunslet Barclay, Leeds
Built 1994
Wheel Arrangement 4wDH
Length 18 ft 5 in
Fuel Diesel

Moel yr Hydd is a diesel locomotive belonging to the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways (F&WHR).


Originally named Stacy, this is one of six locomotives originally built by Hunslet (No. 9349) for the construction of the Jubilee line extension of the London Underground. It was subsequently acquired by Adrian Shooter for his Beeches Light Railway, where it carried the name Col Frederick Wiley and worked alongside DHR 19B. Emma and Kathy on the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway are of the same type.

The locomotive was purchased by the F&WHR in 2023 at the auction of Shooter's railway equipment following his death the previous year. It was delivered to Minffordd Yard on 14 July 2023. It has been renamed Moel yr Hydd and become the main locomotive used by the S&T department.[1]

Over Christmas 2023 the locomotive was given a partial repaint, with the red frames being replaced by black with yellow wasp stripes on the buffer beams as well as the addition of a FfWHR crest on the cabside.

Technical description[edit]

The Deutz air cooled engine is of the 912W type widely used underground, and throughout the construction and marine industries. It is a six cylinder in-line engine designed for high torque at low speed, rated at 63 kW (84 hp), maximum revolutions about 2500 rpm.

At Harbour Station, 4 August 2023

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