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130 Exmoor.jpg
At Exmoor before going to the WHR
Type NGG16
Original Railway SAR
Number 130
Status Under Overhaul
Built by Beyer Peacock, Manchester
Built 1951
2014 Acquired by SPS
2015 Arrived on WHR
Wheel Arrangement 2-6-2+2-6-2T
Length 49 ft 2 in

130 is an NGG16 Garratt locomotive currently being rebuilt for use on the Welsh Highland Railway.

History in South Africa[edit]

130 was built by Beyer Peacock for South African Railways to their 2-6-2+2-6-2T NGG16 Garratt design. 130 is from the third batch of NGG16 locomotives built by Beyer Peacock and Comapny of Manchester in 1951. It carries the works number of 7431. It was used in South Africa on the Port Shepstone-Harding branch in Natal before being withdrawn in 1985.

Preservation in the UK[edit]

Like 87, it was imported to the UK for the failed Robin Hood's Bay railway scheme before moving to Exmoor. It was purchased from Exmoor by Peter Best's Steam Powered Services Ltd.[1]

To the WHR[edit]

130 arrived on the WHR in 2015. It is being restored for use on the WHR by the works at Dinas. The restoration is being funded by the locomotive's owners. The rebuild included a new boiler built by Northern Steam Engineering Limited of Stockton. The tanks and cabs have also been replaced with new ones of the same style as used on 138 and 143. It is expected to enter service at the start of the season in Easter 2020. It will be painted in Burrell Plum, a colour that approximates the red used by the Canadian Pacific railway.


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