Hugh Napier

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Hugh Napier
At Beddgelert in 2012
Type Quarry Hunslet
Home Railway Ffestiniog Railway
Original Railway Penrhyn Quarry Rly.
Status In service
Built by Hunslet
Built 1904
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0ST
Length 13 ft 10 in
Fuel Coal

Hugh Napier is an 0-4-0ST Hunslet quarry tank (855 of 1904) which worked at Penrhyn Quarries, where it was part of the "Large Quarry" class. It weighs around 7½ tons. Hugh Napier is owned by the National Trust, whose aim is to have it publicly available, so it mostly resides as a guest at the FR.

Hugh Napier is named after the fourth Baron Penrhyn and has been part of the collection at Penrhyn Castle since 1966. The locomotive was the subject of a long-term effort to return it to working order. Before this work was completed, the major parts were displayed in the WHHR Museum for the "Hunslet: Generations" gala from 3-5 May 2008 to give visitors the chance to see this type of locomotive from a different angle.[1]

In July 2011, the locomotive was taken to Boston Lodge Works for restoration to working order in quarry condition, including a new boiler built at Boston Lodge, after which it became a roving ambassador for the National Trust, visiting other places around the UK but based at the F&WHR where it is used for light duties and on special occasions. Note that as the locomotive is in quarry condition, with quarry type lubrication, it has to be used carefully on longer runs. A common duty on the FR is giving footplate rides during special events or on summer Saturdays.

Hugh Napier visited the WHHR for the Gala in September 2013.

For February half term 2018 Hugh Napier was diplayed alongside Velinheli and Carriage 10 at Kings Cross in London.

In January 2019 it was announced that the agreement with the National Trust to base Hugh Napier at the F&WHR had been extended by 10 years, including carrying out the required boiler overhaul.[2] Although the boiler certificate did not expire until 2021 it was decided to start the overhaul in 2020 as resources were available and the locomotive was unlikely to be used during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the boiler being retubed work was carried out on the axleboxes and motion to ensure that everything was aligned correctly and ran freely.[3]

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