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At Boston Lodge.
Home Railway F&WHR
Original Railway Corus Steel, Shotton
Status In service
Built by Hunslet Engine Co.
Built 1985
2010 Arrived on WHR
Wheel Arrangement 4wDH
Length 15 ft 5 in
Fuel Diesel

Bill is a shunting locomotive in use on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways.


Two four-wheeled Hunslet diesels, with 115 hp hydraulic Ford engines, arrived at the Welsh Highland Railway's Dinas depot on 18 February 2010. They were builder's numbers 9248 and 9262 of 1985, obtained from a scrap dealer, but were previously owned by the Corus Coated Products Division plant at Shotton, where they worked in the Cold Strip Mill. They were originally 2 ft 6 in gauge, are 15 tons in weight, and flameproofed for safety. At Shotton Steelworks, they were numbered 1 and 2 respectively. It was stated that when regauged they would be allocated to Dinas and Boston Lodge as heavy shunters.[1]

The unit with the black radiator with No. 1 on its side, on the left in the second image, has been identified as works No. 9248, with the affectionate name Bill on the hood. Thus, the unit on the right, with No. 2 on the side and Ben on the hood, is works No. 9262.

During the restoration process an unofficial name, Reynolds Castle, was bestowed on 9248.<[2] This was removed prior to entry into service.

Bill was photographed in ex-works condition at Boston Lodge on 31st July 2016.[3] It was about to take up duties as works shunter at Dinas.



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