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Home Railway WHHR
Original Railway Cumbrian iron ore mine
Status In service
Built by Hunslet Engine Co.
Built 1968
Wheel Arrangement 4wDH
Fuel Diesel

No. 5 is a 5-ton 40hp Hunslet 4wDH (Builder's number 6285 of 1968) which was built to 2 ft 6 in gauge for underground use in a Cumbrian iron ore mine. After being regauged by its maker, it worked at Sanders & Foster Ltd at Stratford, London, arriving on the WHR on 14 February 1981.

Having been used extensively during the construction of the 'Red Shed' and the WHR Ltd station building, No 5, named Gowrie, saw use at a number of gala events.

In March 2006, No. 5 was placed on loan to the Statfold Barn Railway in Staffordshire, with her returning in late 2017. See the WHR Ltd site for more information.

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