7 'Weighitin'

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7 'Weighitin'
Home Railway WHHR
Original Railway National Coal Board
Status In service
Built by Hunslet
Built 1977
Wheel Arrangement 4wDM
Fuel Diesel

This 3.5 ton 40hp Hunslet 4wDM (Builder's number 7535 of 1977) was built for use as a NCB surface stockyard shunter. It arrived on the WHR(P) from British Coal's Holditch Colliery in Staffordshire in June 1989, having been purchased at auction. It is known as 'Weighitin', possibly deriving from graffiti applied while it was waiting for disposal, implying that its fate would be to be weighed in for scrap metal. More likely, the name comes from its owner having been the WHR(P)'s longstanding contact with the local scrapman, and having somewhat of a reputation for being keen to scrap surplus equipment.

Having escaped scrapping, the locomotive was extensively overhauled after its short but rough life in industrial service. Following a repaint in mid 2004, it looks a treat in JCB yellow with red buffers and black underframe.

See The WHHR site for more information.

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