4 Anne Marie

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Anne Marie
On PW duties in connection with the new line, seen at Pen-y-mount
Type Motor Rail Simplex
Home Railway WHHR
Original Railway Pilkingtons glass, St Helens
Number 4
Status In service
Built by Motor Rail
Built 1966
Wheel Arrangement 4wDM
Fuel Diesel

Anne Marie, built to 2 ft ⅛ in gauge, is a 5-ton 60 hp Motor Rail Simplex 4wDM (Builder's number 60s333 of 1966) which was used by glass manufacturers Pilkingtons of St Helen's for sand extraction operations from agricultural land in south Lancashire.

The topsoil was stripped allowing sand to be removed for glassmaking before the soil was replaced and the site restored. Temporary 2ft gauge railways were used for these operations, and members of a fleet of "Simplex" locomotives were transported from site to site as circumstances required.

It is one of three such Simplexes the WHR(P) has acquired, the other two being Jonathan and Katherine.

Following the end of the use of light railways for sand extraction, No. 4 was one of three ex-Pilkington locomotives that arrived on the WHR(P) on 14 December 1981. It has been regauged and painted orange.

See The WHRLsite for more information.

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