Baldwin 608

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Baldwin 608
Original Railway WDLR
Built by Baldwin
Built 1917
Wheel Arrangement 4-6-0PT

Baldwin 608 is an ex-War Department Light Railways locomotive that is currently based at the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways.

Built in 1917 by Baldwin in the USA, this locomotive originally worked on the trench railways of the First World War. After the war it was transferred to India for further use by the British Army before being sold to sugar factories in Daurala and Ryam.

It was subsequently purchased for preservation on the UK and has been restored in a private workshop. It was intended to make its debut at the WHR Past, Present and Future event in June 2019, but it was not finished on time. It arrived on the F&WHR in October 2019 where it is expected to be based for the foreseeable future. 608 made its F&WHR debut at the start of November 2019 when it took part in photo-charters on the WHR alongside Russell. For these trains 608 top and tailed with Prince as it is not fitted with continuous brakes.

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