Jack Lane

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Jack Lane
At rest in Big Shed at Gelert's Farm Works
Type Quarry Hunslet
Home Railway Statfold Barn Railway
Built by Hunslet, Statfold Barn
Built 2005
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0ST

Jack Lane is a modern "Quarry Tank" built by the Hunslet (Steam Company) Ltd., not in Leeds but at Graham Lee's premises at Statfold Barn in Staffordshire. It carries the Hunslet Engine Co builder's number 3904 of 2005.

The Loco visited the WHR Ltd for the "Hunslet: Generations" Gala on 3-5 May 2008, and subsequently was hired for the summer season at the WHR Ltd arriving on Fri 11th July. It is expected to return to Statfold Barn after the August bank holiday.

It visited the Welsh Highland Railway for the 2015 superpower, where it operated a slate shunt experience in Dinas Yard.

Jack Lane at Dinas in 2015

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