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Type New build vertical boiler
Home Railway Richmond Light Railway
Original Railway FR
Status In service
Built 2010
2017 Sold to RLR
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0T

Leary is a new build 0-4-0 vertical boiler tank locomotive that was built in Nelson, north-east Lancashire, in 2010 along the lines of the nineteenth century products of De Winton in Carnarfon that were used in local slate quarries.

It was built and owned by a group of FR volunteers, it arrived on the railway over the weekend of 20/21 March in preparation for the Quirks and Curiosities event to be held over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Leary's origins lie in the acquisition of a water tube boiler constructed for a half-scale Sentinel steam lorry. The lorry was never completed and the parts were subsequently married to a small marine 2-cylinder compound engine and fitted to a steam launch.

After a number of years in use these were subsequently sold on to the present group of Ffestiniog volunteers who have incorporated these in a new-build roughly 3/4 scale de Winton lookalike.

The wheelbase of the loco is 4 foot as per the prototypes but overall length is slightly shorter in comparison. Width and height are similar to standard. The boiler works at 175 psi whilst the 12hp engine drives one axle by chain, coupled to the other by rods.[video 1]

Its first public outing was at the Quirks & Curiosities event on the FR from 30 April to 3 May 2010.

It was sold to the Richmond Light Railway in August 2017. A similar but more powerful locomotive is under construction to replace it.

Leary, shortly after delivery to Minffordd Yard, 20th March 2010

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