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Superpower 2018
Home Railway Lynton and Barnstaple Railway
Built by 762 Club and Alan Keef
Built 2017
Wheel Arrangement 2-4-2T
Fuel Coal

Lyn is a new-build steam locomotive based on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. It visited the Welsh Highland Railway for the 2018 Superpower event.


Lyn was completed in 2017. It is a replica of an original locomotive built for the L&B by the Baldwin in the USA in 1898. The original locomotive was scrapped after the L&B closed in 1935.

The replica was built by the 762 Club, an organisation set up to build new locomotives for the revived L&B. The design of the replica includes many modern features to improve its operational efficiency. These include higher boiler pressure and extensive use of roller bearings. Despite the improvements the size and appearance remains as faithful as possible to that of the original. Final assembly of the locomotive was completed at Alan Keef's works.

Following the completion of Lyn, the 762 club is working on further L&B locomotive replicas, this time based on the Manning Wardles. These locomotives will be based on the Ffestiniog Railway's Lyd and one, Exe, will be built at Boston Lodge.

Visiting the WHR[edit]

The replica Lyn includes modifications to the frames and pony trucks specifically to enable running on the tighter curves of the Welsh Highland Railway.[1] It made its first visit for the Superpower event in September 2018. On this occasion it ran between Caernarfon and Waunfawr, top and tailing a train with Taliesin.

Lyn returned to the WHR in 2019 when it double headed the WHR portion of the Snowdonian with Lyd.

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