Mountaineer III

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This is the third locomotive to carry the name Mountaineer. See Mountaineer for the original and Mountaineer II for the Alco that has also carried the name since the 1960s
Original locomotive circa 1876/7
Type Small England
Status Under Construction
Designed by George England, CM Holland
Built by North Bay Railway Engineering Services
2019 Construction started
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0T+T

A new build replica of an original condition England Engine, to carry the name Mountaineer is currently under construction. The locomotive will be built by the 1863 Mountaineer Locomotive Ltd founded by David Wood, which invites participation from donors (see the website link below)

The project was announced in September 2019 and was officially launched at the Warley Show in November. The build is expected to take around three years and cost £250,000.[1] In November 2019 the first boiler components had been delivered from Israel Newton to North Bay Railway Engineering Services where the locomotive is currently being assembled. The completed boiler was hydraulically tested in May 2020. With the completion of the boiler, attention was turned to the construction of the wheels and axles. This will be done using modern methods in order to resemble the originals as closely as possible, whilst also meeting modern engineering safety standards.


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