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With Linda at Minffordd, 2003
Type Kerr Stuart Tattoo
Home Railway Moseley Railway Trust
Original Railway Durham County Water Board
Status Boiler Ticket expired 2018
Built by Kerr Stuart
Built 1917
1934 Bought second hand from the Durham County Water Board
2003 Visited the FR in 2003 for the Interactive II event
2003 Visited the WHR(C) for Adventure Week
2012 Visited the WHR for the Quarry Power Weekend

Stanhope is a Kerr Stuart Tattoo class 0-4-2ST (2395 of 1917), formerly of the Penrhyn Quarry system. It was bought second hand by them in 1934 from Durham County Water Board. Out of use from 1948, various parts were removed (some going to the Talyllyn Railway) and the remains sold in 1966. The boiler was used to rebuild Bronllwyd at Bressingham, and the chassis passed though several ownerships before a rebuild was completed in 1999.

Stanhope made her first return to Wales to the FR in 2003 for the Interactive II event following complete restoration by the Moseley Railway Trust's John Rowlands, a great friend of the Ffestiniog. The Engine made a cannonball run to Blaenau following the event which saw her double head with Prince, Linda and Lilla on goods and a heavy train of slate waggons.

Stanhope also visited the WHR(C) for Adventure Week on May 24-30 2003.

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