Trangkil No 4

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Trangkil No4
Home Railway Statfold Barn Railway
Original Railway Trangkil Sugar Mill, Pati, Central Java
Status In Service
Built by Hunslet Engine Company
Built 1971
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-2ST

Trangkil No 4 is a Hunslet locomotive built in 1971 for use on the Trangkil Sugar Mill, Pati, Central Java. It was the last steam loco built at the Hunslet works in Leeds, and at the time was in the news as it was thought by some to be the last steam loco ever to be built in Britain. (The construction of the new Earl of Merioneth in 1972-9 was to remove this distinction). It is to the Kerr Stuart 'Brazil' design, a larger version of the 'Tattoo' type (see Stanhope).

After finishing work at Trangkil it was purchased for the Statfold Barn Railway where it can be found running on special event days. In 2018 it visited the Ffestiniog Railway for the Hunslet 125 event where it worked trains over the Welsh Highland Railway due to its size prohibiting use above Boston Lodge.

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