Carriage 1000

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Carriage 1000
Type PW Mess Carriage
Seating 10
Home Railway WHR
Original Railway FR
Status Scrapped
Built 1964-5
2005 Converted for PW Work
2008 Withdrawn
2010 Scrapped
Length 37 ft 5 in
Frames Steel

The old Carriage 100 was withdrawn from passenger service in 2005 and renumbered 1000, for use by Welsh Highland Railway Construction Ltd, as a Permanent Way mess carriage on Phase 4 of the WHR. It was rather more luxurious than the previous RhE P.W. carriage (ex-Chattenden & Upnor) especially as it retained the observation area swivel seats. On its RhE bogies it was notably higher off the ground than when it was on FR bogies.

The end[edit]

It was reported that over the weekend of 13-14 February 2010, a volunteer team were at Dinas dismantling the bodywork, which was showing the effects of the weather getting at its wooden body framework. It had been lying out of use at Dinas for some time. Its underframe is still extant and is used as a runner wagon within Dinas works. It was thought that the frame might be reused, however experience has shown that it is easier to weld up new bespoke frames than to modify the old ones for use under the more modern carriage designs now being built.


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