Carriage 114

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Carriage 114
April 2005
Type Corridor Buffet Third
Seating 17 x 3rd
Home Railway FR
Status In service
Built by Carnforth Railway Restoration & Engineering Services
Built 1991
Length 35 ft 8 in
Frames Steel

Carriage 114 is a buffet carriage in the Carnforth series.


An aluminium bodied coach mounted on pattern 88 bogies, and heating. Built by Carnforth Railway Restoration & Engineering Services, with running gear, electrical services, kitchen equipment, finishing and painting by FR Co. at Boston Lodge. Financed under the INCA programme. It entered service at Easter 1992. It was said to soon become a favourite with the buffet crews being simply laid out, easy to operate and clean.

During Winter 2008-09 the vehicle has had a touch up and varnish on the exterior. The kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned, two cupboards replaced like for like and the kitchen floor recovered. The window surrounds in the passenger area have been replaced.

In February 2010, 114 suffered a fire in its gas heating compartment, resulting in extensive fire and smoke damage throughout. It was repaired as a matter of urgency and reappeared in late May, with an extra window and no gas heating compartment. The carpets on the sides have been removed and a new ceiling and panelling below the waist have been installed. As a result of this incident all gas heating fitted in carriages has been taken out of use. Heating for passengers and water is provided by a diesel fired combi heater as used in motor homes. It was cabled and plumbed for Push Pull operation but this was removed to accommodate the new heater in 2010. The cabling was also removed.

It was confirmed that the Carnforths would see a few more years of service in October 2015. In particular 114 will continue to be the buffet vehicle of the FR 'C' set as the level of use of this set does not justify the investment necessary to replace vehicles.[1]

Carriage 114 at Porthmadog after removal of gas heating equipment and addition of an extra window. Summer 2010

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