Carriage 2020

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Carriage 2020
Passing Dinas
Type 3rd semi Open
Seating 36 x 3rd
Original Railway WHR
Status Rebuilt as Carriage 2011
Built by Winson Engineering, Daventry
Built 1997
2010 Withdrawn for Conversion
Length 39 ft 4 in[1]
Frames Steel

Carriage 2020 was a WHR third class open-sided saloon carriage. It was rebuilt as a service car and renumbered 2011.


Semi open, was delivered to the Ffestiniog Railway in June 1997 for initial acceptance, prior to shipping to Dinas Junction. This was one of just two carriages remaining in original 1997 condition with large style numbers on the carriage sides unlike newer builds and refurbs which use FR style typefaces for their numbers.

Renumbering and Conversion to Service Car[edit]

In November 2010 it was announced that as 2020 was in need of an overhaul that the plan was to convert it into a second Service Car for WHR trains, partly because the other brake vehicle 2090 was now too cramped with a toilet and buffet facilities, and partly because a second service car will provide both WHR sets with the chance to serve hot food. The decision was made to convert 2020 and not 2090 because the semi opens are unpopular in wet weather so instead of losing 21 covered seats the set has lost 36 open seats. The carriage was converted over the winter of 2010/2011.

2020 was renumbered Carriage 2011, in order to be in the same numbering series as Carriage 2010, the other service vehicle.

Carriage 2011 entered traffic on Wednesday 8th June 2011 after a successful test run the previous day.

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