Carriage 2042

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Carriage 2042
Passing Dinas North Yard, 2010
Type Corridor Third
Seating 36 x 3rd
Home Railway WHR
Status In service
Built by Winson Engineering Daventry
Built 1997
2005 Refurbished
Length 39 ft 4 in[1]
Frames Steel

Carriage 2042 is a WHR third class saloon carriage.


Built in 1997 by Winson Engineering, Daventry. Delivered in the first batch of five carriages. As with the others, needed the main frame strengthening (see under No.2040). This vehicle was used as a volunteer project for overhaul with paid labour as well.

Over the winter of 2017/18 2042 was rebuilt to the latest standard with new seats, tables, doors and windows.[2]

Delivery Day to the North Yard at Dinas Junction

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