Carriage 2045

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Carriage 2045
Carriage 2045 at Waunfawr - 17 March 2008
Type Corridor Third
Seating 35 x 3rd
Home Railway WHR
Status In service
Built by FR Co.
Built 2006-7
June 2007 Entered service
Length 42ft 8in[1]
Frames Steel

Carriage 2045 is a WHR third class saloon carriage.


Similar to, but 1 m longer than, 2040, 2041 and 2042. Construction of this vehicle was originally planned to start at Boston Lodge as part of the second or third batch. This was changed on 4 August 2006 to the same batch as 2043 and 2044, to take advantage of economies of scale.

2043 contains 34 standard 3rd class seats, plus an additional "origami seat" which can fold away for wheelchairs. It is of the longer 13m length used for Pullman coach Bodysgallen 2115. The extra length is used to provide double doors (as per 2090) at one end, to provide easy access for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

In Service[edit]

2045 was delivered to Dinas on June 10th 2007, and entered service in the F-set later in June 2007.

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