Carriage 1

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Carriage 1
Type 4-wheel ‘bug box’
Seating 14 x 3rd
Home Railway FR
Status In service, Heritage Fleet
Built by FR Co.
Built 1994-7
Length 12 ft
Body Width 6 ft 8 in
Frames Steel

Carriage 1 is a replica of a late 19th century open observation Bug Box.


Due to various renumberings, there have been a number of vehicles known as Carriage or Van No. 1 on both the FR and the WHR. This article deals with the one currently carrying the number within the FR main passenger fleet.


In the late 19th century Carriages 1 and 2 were rebuilt from their original form as a first class carriages into open observation cars. Unlike the "porthole" carriages they were never fully glazed as observation cars.

Carriage 1 was withdrawn in 1929 [1] and scrapped.

Carriage 2 survived in observation car form into the preservation era (renumbered 6), but was restored to its original first class condition and number in 1992.


In 1992 it was announced that the intention was to build a new carriage using a few original parts; it was built at Boston Lodge between 1994 and 1997 as a replica of Carriage 1/2 in their observation car state and was originally numbered Carriage 9. It seats 14, seven on each side of the knifeboard seat. It is described as a rebuild because it incorporates many of the specifically "observation car" features which were carefully removed during the restoration of Carriage 2, including the decorative curved upper corner mouldings.

The carriage has been fitted with the continuous vacuum brake, to provide additional braking on vintage trains and also to enable four wheel carriages to travel, when required, in the traditional position next to the engine on an up train. The intention from around 1996 was to renumber it as Carriage 1, an identity it received on its repaint in 1999.

It is known on the railway as "The Zoo Car" because of its cage-like appearance. The carriage is finished in the Colonel Stephens Livery for use in The 1930's Train.

Carriage 1 visited the Welsh Highland Railway (Caernarfon) for the 2005 Superpower event with Prince and Van 2, however reaching Rhyd Ddu only once on Friday 16 September 2005.

In 2016, Carriage 1 visited London King's Cross Station along with Carriage 12 and Princess, and the Shrewsbury and the Southport Flower Shows with Carriage 12 again and Velinheli from the Launceston Steam Railway.

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