Carriage 2152

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Carriage 2152
Pullman Observation Gwyrfai at Porthmadog
Type Pullman Observation
Seating 22 x 1st
Home Railway WHR
Status In Service
Built by FR Co., Boston Lodge
Built 2017 - 2019
Length 45 ft 4 in
Frames Steel

Carriage 2152, named Gwyrfai,[1] is a WHR Pullman Observation carriage.

Origins and Construction[edit]

In SR92, it was announced that funding for a second observation coach (similar to Glaslyn) was being sought over a two-year period. The reason for this timeframe was that a Pullman Observation costs 150% the cost of a standard carriage.[2] At this time it was thought that the new carriage would be numbered 2101. This carriage was built so that both sets could run with an observation car. The carriage is generally similar to Glaslyn in order to give the same facilities on each WHR rake but the detailed design follows the developments introduced on Ffestiniog Railway observations cars 150 and 152.[3]

In October 2017 the frames for this carriage were under construction at Boston Lodge.[4] At this time it was stated that the carriage would be numbered 2152.[5] This number was chosen to follow the FR observation cars that it is stylistically similar to. The metal framework was complete by March 2018 and the carriage then moved to the carriage works for fitting of the woodwork.[3] Having been launched to VIPs on the Saturday, it made its first public runs on the Sunday of the October 2019 vintage weekend. On its first two days it ran coupled to Bodysgallen giving two first class carriages in the set, but after the initial weekend Bodysgallen was taken out of the set. Bodysgallen will held back as a reserve, running with 2152 or 2100 to give more first class accommodation as and when required. After only a few weeks in service, a stop board was blown against the seaward side of the carriage, puncturing the lower skin, and was temporarily covered up with black tape. The repair was undertaken in March 2020, but was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. [6]


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