WHRL Coach No. 6

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WHRL Coach No. 6
KCB WHR Coach 6 20080322 IMGA0055.JPG
Saturday 22nd March 2008
Type Four-Wheel Open
Seating 12 x 3rd
Home Railway WHHR
Status In service
Built by WHR Ltd
Built 1993 - 2005
Length 16 ft
Wheels 4 wheel

Originally, from 1993, this coach's construction was a private project, during which time it was numbered '4'. The intention had been to rebuild a Royal Navy (RNAD) box van as a four-wheel coach, variously nicknamed "Operating Manager's Observation Saloon" and "The Gin Palace". Suggestions for it included fitting as a brake coach, or specialisation for access by people with disabilities. Sadly, the original project stalled.

Taken during the Traeth Mawr Opening runs

Recently, it was adopted by the WHR Ltd Company to augment its small fleet. After an energetic effort in Spring 2005, the coach was restored to running order. The coach is popular with visitors, especially family groups and in wet weather.

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  • Adapted from original page at WHR Ltd site.