Carriage 33

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Carriage 33
12 Oct 2013.
Type Type 2 Quarrymen's Carriage
Home Railway FR
Status In use for demonstration purposes
Built by Boston Lodge
Built 2013

Carriage 33 is a replica of a Type 2a Quarrymens' Carriage completed 2013.

Construction of a replica of this long-extinct type by the FR Heritage Group was started in late 2008 in the London area and by mid May 2009 the basic body frame was virtually complete. It was then dismantled and moved to the FR in time for Kids' Training Week. The Kids were able to assemble it, fit the outer cladding and paint the outside. Further work was carried out in the Boston Lodge carriage works during summer 2013.

The replica carriage saw its first runs at the 2013 Vintage Weekend on 12th October. It has been numbered 33. Not being fitted with any brakes, it is not used for farepaying passengers but can sometimes be seen in the demonstration trains on special occasions such as Vintage Weekend.

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