Carriage 105

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Carriage 105
At Minffordd on its first day back in traffic
Type Corridor Third Toilet
Seating 14 x 3rd, 2 tip-up seat & wheelchair space / Toilet / 16 x 3rd
Home Railway FR
Status In service
Built 1965-67
1988 Remodelled with the removal of toilet
2005 Remodelled with the fitting of toilet and provision of wheelchair space
Length 37 ft 5 in

Carriage 105 is a third class saloon with toilet from the Centenary stock series.

Original Construction[edit]

105 was originally allocated the number 25 but renumbered to 105 prior to completion. Also had a lavatory (boat style - in that it did not empty onto the track but was emptied at Harbour Station) fitted when new at the bottom end of the vehicle.

The capacity in this configuration was 16 x 3rd / 4 x 1st / 10 x 3rd / Toilet

1988 Rebuild[edit]

The lavatory was removed in 1988 in preparation for the entry into traffic of Carriage 111 which included a lavatory. The split windows on the "Engine side" (Fireman's Side) show the evidence of the previous lavatory location.

During this period the passenger configuration was 16 x 3rd / 4 x 1st / 16 x 3rd

2004-06 Rebuild[edit]

It was withdrawn from service in 2004 for a rebuild, which included fitting a lavatory of the new gravity discharge design in place of the First Class compartment. As the toilet compartment is smaller than the previous First Class compartment, a wheelchair space with tip up seats has been created on the up side of the toilet. Note that the 'Toilet' sign is the original from when it had its toilet previously. The re installation of the toilet allows a proper 'Barn' train to run with cars 102 and 14. During High Summer 2006, 105 was formed into A-set, giving a five car barn corridor set topped with tin car 118, which was to be replaced with 104 to give a six car all Barn Corridor A-set during the autumn of 2006.

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