Van 7

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Van 7
Type 4-wheel Brake
Home Railway FR
Status In service, heritage Fleet
Built by FR Co.
Built 1998
Length 12 ft 6 in

Van 7 is a four wheeled brakevan used on the Ffestiniog railway.


Although referred to as 'New Old No 1 Van' during construction, this van never carried this number, and was outshopped new in 1998 as Van 7 in the new Brake Van series.[1] It is a replica of the old Van 1 (originally Van 6) which had a balcony at each end, as does the replica, unlike the current Van 6 which has only one balcony. It does incorporate some metal parts from the original - three brackets on the balcony ends and one door latch mechanism (also used as a pattern for the second) - though unfortunately not the balcony rails which are on other vehicles.


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