Carriage 2101

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Carriage 2101
Type Pullman Observation
Home Railway WHR
Status Under construction
Built by FR Co., Boston Lodge
Built 2017 -
Frames Steel

Carriage 2101, to be named Gwyrfai,[1] will be a WHR Pullman Observation carriage.

Origins and Construction[edit]

In SR92, it was announced that funding for a second observation coach (similar to Glaslyn) was being sought over a two-year period. The reason for this timeframe was that a Pullman Observation costs 150% the cost of a standard carriage.[2] This carriage will allow both sets to run with an observation car. It is unknown what Bodysgallen will be used for after this time. At this time it was thought that the new carriage would be numbered 2101.

In October 2017 the frames for this carriage were under construction at Boston Lodge.[3] At this time it was stated that the carriage would be numbered 2152.[4]

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