NWNG Summer Carriages

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The NWNGR summer carriages were a batch of four bogie thirds built in 1894.

General History[edit]

All were built by the Ashbury Carriage and Iron Company for the NWNGR in 1894. They were built for tourist traffic, and fitted with half height doors. Two styles were built. Numbers 11 and 12 were fitted with glazing between the doors, whilst numbers 13 and 14 were completely open. The two unglazed carriages had bars across the windows.

Their dimensions were Length: 29'11" Width: 6' Height: 7'5".

When delivered they were painted chocolate brown up to the windows, with the upper woodwork being a pale brown. Lining and lettering was in gold.

Under the WHR No. 11 was renumbered No. 26 in July 1924, No. 12 became No. 24, No. 13 became No. 28 and No. 14 became No. 27. The carriages were also reduced in height so that they could operate over the whole of the combined F&WHR network.

Under the 1934 colour schemes No. 24 and No. 28 were green, No. 26 was blue and No. 27 was pink.

Individual Histories:[edit]

There is also a modern replica (numbered 24) built for the current WHR.

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