Carriage 6

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Carriage 6
Type 4-wheel ‘bug box’
Seating Knifeboard 2 x 7 x 3rd
Original Railway FR
Status Scrapped
Built by Brown, Marshall & Co
Built 1863/4
Body Length 10 ft 3 in
Body Width 6 ft 8 in

Carriage 6 was one of the Festiniog Railway's original carriages from 1865. It was withdrawn in 1931.


Carriage 6 was built by Brown, Marshall & Co of Adderley Park Birmingham. It was a single compartment closed carriage with knifeboard seating and a third class of capacity seven each side. It is believed to have been part of the first batch of narrow gauge passenger coaches built in the world for public service, to designs assumed to have been made by C.E. Spooner.

At some point this carriage had the panelling on the sides replaced with vertical matchboarding.[1]

Similar to the surviving third class bug boxes (Carriages 3, 4 & 5), this vehicle was withdrawn in September 1931, and presumed scrapped.

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